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Currently SCI MIC operates on an annual budget of approximately $50,000. Its major sources of present and future funding are:

  • Voluntary contributions from constituent Safari Club International member chapters,

  • Matching grants from Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) for select contributions made by SCI MIC constituent member chapters to fund MDNR conservation and research projects, and

  • Voluntary donations from the general public due to the 501(c)(3) exempt status of SCI MIC.


Funds donated by SCI MIC for MDNR major wildlife conservation and research projects receive a 3:1 match of Pittman-Robertson funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Thus, a $3000.00 chapter donation to a MIC-MDNR project can grow to $5000.00 via a $2000 SCIF matching grant, and then the $5000 gets leveraged to $20,000.00 via the 3:1 match from the Pittman-Robertson funds.


The administrative submission for the Pittman-Robertson funds is done by the MDNR as part of its annual submission for these funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.




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